Welcome to a new experience: safer, more pleasant, and longer results.  Say goodbye to ancient pedicures with dangers of contaminations and infections. Embrace what many guests appreciate already – the smarter choice of a more pampering, moisturizing and comfortable treatment: the waterless pedicure!

European Deluxe Pedicure – $50.00

A client’s favorite. Besides a deep exfoliation with mineral salts, you get the enjoyment of a nourishing original Dead Sea Mud Mask and relaxing massage with our customer favorite Almond Biscotti lotion.  Polished to perfection. Simply one of the best treats in town!

European Mini Spa Pedicure – $40.00

Our Starter – a perfect way to get to know us or if you are on a tight schedule, an easy way to squeeze in a much needed pedicure.  All the benefits of the warm moist towels – the mineral salt exfoliation and polished to perfection in a shorter version.

European Clinical Pedicure – $55.00

If you enjoy open shoes or love to walk bare foot, your calluses need to be under control. We can do this! Powerful exfoliation with our natural callus remover. Please consider that sometimes we need more than one treatment to make your feet baby soft.  Regular appointments work best to keep your feet in tip top shape.

Isabelle’s Favorite Procedure – $65.00

“I am a Foot Person – I love to feel comfort on my feet. It rejuvenates my whole body. If you feel that way too then you will love this. Your feet wrapped in warm moist towels to prepare – Dead Sea salts gently exfoliate dead skin. Powerful nutrients in the Dead Sea mud will feed your skin. A nice massage will make you smile.  Your moisture will be preserved with warm parafin.  Polish to perfection.  Ahhhhh! That’s me!” -Isabelle

Extras – Click for prices

Add extra massage time – $10.00

Paraffin foot wrap – $12.00

Add callus remover to any foot therapy – $5.00

Polish change on feet w/ quick clean up – $20.00

Finger or Toe wax – $10.00

French finish to any foot therapy – $3.00