Cleansing Facials

Our extractions are well prepared, gentle and effective. We concentrate on removing those blackheads and congested pores that frustrate you daily. We are not miracle workers, but your skin will definitely show a big difference!

Dermaplaning with Peel –$120

A very gentle treatment to clear unwanted skin layers and removes fine peach fuzz! Diminishes appearance of fine lines, your skin will feel baby soft. A great alternative to face waxing, even for the most sensitive skin types! Combined with one of our Skin Ceutical Peels, you will achieve the maximum rejuvenating results. 



Oxygen Deep Pore Cleansing – $95.00

Everything you expect from a Deep Pore Cleansing, including your extractions and combined with the great benefits of our original oxygen therapy to infuse Vitamins and Nutrients into your precious skin.  You will look and feel great! Includes mineral application.

Back Facial – $60.00

Clear up your back – we cleanse, steam, exfoliate, and extract.  A deep pore cleansing for back and shoulders.

European Deep Pore Cleansing -$80.00

Deep cleansing treatment, powerful exfoliation, warm steam, gentle extractions, calming masks, and we apply our minerals to protect your beautiful skin. It will make you feel clean and look great!

European Express Deep Pore Cleansing – $70.00

The deep pore cleansing for those on the go! Quick and great. A shorter version of our original deep pore cleansing, but very effective. Includes extractions and mineral application.

Cannabis Facial- $80

Let’s get your skin some hemp! In our cannabis facial our key ingredient is hemp, which is a strong antioxidant to combat wrinkles and fine lines. The cannabis facial not only is an anti-aging facial but also an awesome moisturizer. Clients with more sensitive or easily irritated skin would be perfect applicants. 

Rose Facial- $80

Give your skin the moisture and lift that it needs with our beautiful rose facial. Includes a rose mask, cleansing, and a  rose scrub made with rose petals. Treat yourself to our newest facial and enjoy a feast for your senses.