Relaxing Facials

Our relaxing facials are specially created to moisturize and soothe your skin. Our treatments are even suitable for the most sensitive or stressed skin conditions. Let your skin enjoy the high quality skincare products from Europe.

European Deluxe Facial – $85.00

The pampering does not seem to end. Receive a wonderful full facial treatment including a nourishing placenta mask. Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Original Oxygen Facial – $75.00

Let your skin explore a walk in the forest – deep fresh oxygen infused with amino acids and vitamins to nourish your exfoliated skin gently with enzymes.  Amazingly powerful!  A wonderful experience even for the most sensitive skin. Let us calm your rosacea.  Feels great!

The Ultimate Relaxing Facial – $120.00

Here it is – the “Queen” of our Facials!  You expect it, we have it!  Moisture, masks, nutrition, exfoliation, massages, wonderful scents, etc.  Never ending pampering.  An absolute stress melter! We include your lower legs and your feet.  You will love it!

Classic European Facial – $70.00

Our Signature Facial – Moisture, nutrition, and pampering combined the European way! Includes cleansing, gentle-but-effective exfoliation, warm steam, and relaxing massages of your face, shoulders, and neck. Gentle mask included.